The Symphonic Theater of Dreams Project

The Symphonic Theater of Dreams Project (symphonic tributes to rock/progressive metal bands) together with the Sinfonietta Consonus orchestra, known from the debut album “A Symphonic Theater of Dreams“, need a support in the process of creating another CD entitled “A Symphonic Tribute to HAKEN.” From that reason, they recently started a Pledge Music campaign.

They say:  ”We decided to take part in this crowdfunding campaign for the first time because the costs of production are extremely high and we don’t have any constant grant money. 

We made this decision also because Jordan Rudess issued his album “Explorations for Keyboard and Orchestra” with the help of a Pledge Music  ampaign and it turned out to be a huge success. What is more, this incredible CD was created and recorded with our orchestra and we are extremely proud of it.

We are a special duties orchestra. Very often we take part in quite difficult projects. After all, progressive rock or metal transcribed for a symphonic orchestra cannot be easy to perform. While in a band some part can be played only by the guitar, the same part in our orchestra is performed as a unison of 40 people. It is only an example of how challenging our work is.

It is understood why no record label, despite willingness and commitment, is able to sponsor such a demanding recording session and pay all the production costs of such a huge enterprise. That is why we ask you for help. We ask all the fans of progressive rock and metal, Haken, symphonic/classical/ film music, all the fans of our SToD Project (thank you so much for being with us for such a long time), fans of music which combines elements of different genres.

Many reviewers of our first record called us pioneers and creators of a new music genre, that is symphonic / orchestral / instrumental progressive rock and metal.

We don’t know if we really were first but we are absolutely sure that we would like to continue what we have started. That is why we need your help. There is only one condition – we must achieve 100% of the pledge campaign.

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