SUHY, SILVERGOLD & ALVARADO Premiere Video for “Temporal Landrons”

SUHY, SILVERGOLD & ALVARADO Premiere Video for "Temporal Landrons"
Jazz Rock Power Trio Suhy, Silvergold & Alvarado will release their debut album Tessellations November 13th.  “Tessellations is a record that I’ve wanted to make for some time,” says composer and bandleader Ray Suhy.  “It’s a record that encompasses the many different styles that I love to play and listen to, but haven’t yet been able to put together into a cohesive way.
Tessellations is available for pre-order HERE.
The group premiered a video of the second single from “Tessellations.” The in-studio video for the song “Temporal Landrons” can be viewed below.
Suhy spoke to Guitar World about “Temporal Landrons“:
Temporal Landrons” is my tribute to Shawn Lane and Eric Johnson, two of the biggest influences on my playing (along with Mike Stern, John McLaughlin, and Frank Gambale). I’d been thinking a lot about Lane and Johnson lately and started to see lots of similarities in their playing (their penchant for pentatonic scales, phrasing in groupings of fives and sounding absolutely majestic over major key sounding jams). A lot of the pieces that I had written for Tessellations ended up being pretty dark so I sat down and decided to try and write something in E major to give the record a little lift. Once the initial descending sweep phrase came to me, the rest of the song happened fairly quickly.
The title of the song is a mash up of “Temporal Analogues of Paradise” (a brilliant record by Lane, Hellborg & Sipe that completely turned my world upside down) and “High Landrons” off of “Ah Via Musicom”(Johnson’s record that shifted my whole concept of what was possible on guitar).
This ended up being one of the most fun songs to track in the studio and Rolando and Alex (bass and drums respectively) really kill it on this one! I’m excited to be premiering this on Guitar World’s site as I’ve been a fan of the mag for a long time!
The band’s first video for their song “Malachite Dream” is available for streaming HERE.
Suhy is ably assisted on Tessellations by two other like minded musicians.  Rolando Alvarado on electric and upright basses and up-and-coming 16-year-old drummer Alex Silvergold.
Suhy is a guitarist that plays in metal bands (East Of The Wall, Cannabis Corpse), has recorded free jazz records (with Allen Lowe, Matthew Ship and Lewis Porter) and plays in an 80′s style electro pop band (Dangerous Muse).
Alex Silvergold is a 16-year-old drummer with a technical style that is heavily influenced by players like Gavin Harrison, Marco Minneman, Mike Mangini, Tony Royster Jr., and Mike Portnoy.  Alex has performed for Max Weinberg, has opened for guitarist David Bromberg, and has jammed with music legends Carmine Appice, Mike Portnoy, Billy Sheehan, and Richie Kotzen.
Thematically, this record narrates a sleep/dream/awakening cycle as a metaphor for traveling to the far reaches of space and then back towards the sun again.  “I wanted the record to express the journey from light to dark.  The balance of those two things is really important to me when I create.  Too much of one or the other and the expression is out of balance.”
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