STEVE HACKETT On Genesis Revisited III: “Never Say Never”


Steve Hackett won’t rule out a follow-up to his acclaimed Genesis Revisited II release.

But he believes it’s time to concentrate on making his own new music – and he’s not certain how much more of his former band’s material can be reworked to his satisfaction.

Genesis Revisited II and its 1996 predecessor saw him rebuilding some of the his earliest material, and he admits it’s generated a lot of attention for him.

Hackett tells Something Else: “Is there a third? I say, ‘Never say never.’ But I’m involved in doing another album of my own, rather than immediately going back to Genesis material.

“There are some lovely songs which deserve to be given the widescreen treatment – but it gets tougher because the songs I was really drawn to are already covered.”

He describes the Revisited process as “restoration,” explaining: “It’s taking songs that were sometimes marvellous in rehearsal and sometimes marvellous live. Comparing them with the new versions, they often suffered from the 1970s sensibility of rushing.

“They were trying to get a great performance out of the whole band, all in one go. Now, it’s much more of a test-tube baby: we get one thing right, and then another. I don’t put together the whole until I am satisfied with every single performance.

“There’s a new level of accuracy – I’m interested in all of the instruments, rather than just how the guitar sounds. Genesis lends itself to that kind of widescreen treatment.”

And despite having learned more about playing guitar and writing music since he worked with Peter Gabriel and co, Hackett reflects: “Those song are replete with detail. I’m proud of them for that.”

Of his new project he says: “I’m working with Roger King, but also some other people from other fields who wouldn’t normally appear on a rock album. It’s only nominally a rock album, because I’m interested in other styles.”

(source Prog Magazine)

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