RUSH Premiere “Tom Sawyer” Video From “R40 Live” Film


Canadian rock legends RUSH will release their R40 Live” concert film later this month.

A performance clip of the song “Tom Sawyer”, taken from “R40 Live”, can be seen below.

All roads have led to this. Forty-one years in the making, RUSH‘s “R40 Live” tour took a very real journey back through time. Beginning with the grand design: a state-of-the-art stage set that pivots, rolls and dives, and brings “Clockwork Angels” in to bombastic, colorful life before marching stridently back in time (through theatre stages, a panoply of band and fan shots, the accrued memories of a life spent playing live) to a mocked-up school gym and the band playing there; a solitary bass amp set on the chair behind Geddy Lee, a mirror ball spiraling crazily above, casting thin rods of light like a light rain across the crowd, “Working Man” coming to a shuddering halt as the band’s beginning becomes their end.

RUSH recorded and filmed “R40 Live” over two sold-out shows in the band’s hometown of Toronto at the Air Canada Centre on June 17 and June 19, 2015 in the middle of their “R40 Live” 35-date North American tour.

“R40 Live” had the trio of Geddy LeeAlex Lifeson and Neil Peart, performing a career-spanning live retrospective, celebrating their 40-plus years together. The epic live shows by the Rock And Roll Hall Of Famers were captured with 14 cameras to present the band feature-film style.

The center-point of this tour was the remarkable setlist, coupled with their idea of a “de-evolution” set design. When the band opened the show with cuts “Headlong Flight” and “The Anarchist” from their most recent studio recording, 2012′s “Clockwork Angels”, they did so with all the bells and whistles from that extensive tour. They worked backwards through their catalogue as the show progressed, the innovative set design making for constant visual eye-candy, as stagehands exchanged the gear and props on stage to resemble the era-correct tour staging in accordance with the songs being played.

The first set featured the infamous dryers on stage while they played “Roll The Bones”“Subdivisions”, and for the first time ever live, “Losing It” featuring violinist Ben Mink, who appeared on the original studio recording from 1982′s “Signals”.

The second set opened with classics “Tom Sawyer”, followed by crowd favorite “The Spirit Of Radio”, but also included “Jacob’s Ladder”, which hasn’t been performed live since 1980 on their “Permanent Waves” tour. The last few songs of the “R40″ were set against the persimmon curtained theatre-looking stage, with the crowd raising their lighters and camera phones to “Closer To The Heart”, and then Alex and Geddy appeared with their signature doubleneck guitars as they played “Xanadu”, into the epic “2112″ and encored with “Lakeside Park/Anthem” and “What You’re Doing/Working Man”.

The concert film also includes the the band’s renowned tour videos, highlighted by “Roll The Bones (R40 Live)”, that features an array of special guests in the rap part of the song: Jay Baruchel (SHE’S OUT OF MY LEAGUE), Les Claypool (PRIMUS), Peter Dinklage (“Game Of Thrones”), Tom Morello (RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE, AUDIOSLAVE), Chad Smith (RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS), “The Trailer Park Boys”, and Jason Segel and Paul Rudd (“I Love You, Man”). It is the first time the band put the song back in the setlist since the “R30″ tour, a full decade ago. During the “R40 Live” tour, “Roll The Bones” gained new life and became a fan-favorite with an arena sing-along to the chorus “Why are we here? Because we’re here — Roll The Bones.”

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