Progstravaganza 14 Released; Progstravaganza 15 Scheduled For December


Two months after the release of seminal Progstravaganza 13, Prog Sphere is back with another part in the on-going compilation series. Halfsized comparing with the previous part, Progstravaganza 14 is definitely not lacking the quality.

The Progstravaganza compilation series has as its sole purpose to discover new bands. Since its inception in 2010, Prog Sphere has made it its goal to make each compilation special. Every part in the series comes with specially designed artwork. They are all available via Bandcamp in different audio formats.

Progstravaganza 14 is half in size comparing with previous sampler. The compilation itself is accompanied with the official Progstravaganza website where all the artists-participants have profiles. The website also brings interviews with the bands. The bands’ releases are also available as streamings on Progify streaming service. Chris van der Linden (Linden Artwork) provided once again design for the art cover and he is the one “to blame” for the new approach of naming the samplers.

Prog Sphere’s editor-in-chief Nick says: “The new sampler has a title “Timeshift,” what kind of symbolize that after three years of putting out the samplers, we are still there, doing the thing. Giving a unique name to our samplers adds another dimension to the whole experience, it’s kinda weird that we didn’t do it before.

Along with Progstravaganza 14 going on, Prog Sphere is allowing submissions for the upcoming, fifteenth edition (due in December). Prog Sphere invites bands from all around the world to take part and reach out to a wide audience by promoting the sampler. The compilations are actively promoted by continuous radio streams on more than 50 radio stations around the world. Bands and musicians interested in being a part of the upcoming compilation can get in touch with Prog Sphere by sending an email to

Progstravaganza 14 is available from THIS LOCATION. For all the news and updates concerning the sampler visit its official website HERE.


Nikola Savić is a prog enthusiast, blogger and author, in addition to being the founder of Prog Sphere, Progify, ProgLyrics and the ongoing Progstravaganza compilation series.

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