Introducing: Prog Sphere Android App

Prog Sphere Android App

We are proud to present and introduce you to the official Prog Sphere Android app – the first Android app that brings news, reviews, interviews and other special features from the world of Progressive Rock & Metal to your Android device!

Our goal with the Prog Sphere Android app is clear – we want to bring you a unique experience when reading about your favourite prog bands. But that’s not all. Our plan is to bring the exclusive app-only content to the users. Such content will not be available on the Prog Sphere website, but only through our application.

We have prepared a short teaser video where you can check what the user interface looks like and what are the features. Speaking of features, we are very proud of having a playlist comprised of progressive rock & metal songs from the up-and-coming bands all around the world. If you are in a band and you want to have your song featured in the playlist, write us to [email protected]

The Prog Sphere Android app will be available soon from the Google Play Store. We are still beta-testing some new features. If you have any suggestions on what type of content we should add in the future feel free to write us.

You can also take a look at the official landing page of the app at, where you can also have a closer look to the interface, features, and more.

Prog Sphere Android App screenshot

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