PORTLAND CELLO PROJECT Perform Radiohead's "Exit Music (For a Film)" from OK Computer

Featuring Chicago’s City of Tomorrow wind quintet, a new Portland men’s choir under the direction of Stephen Marc Beaudoin, with vocals by Adam Shearer (Weinland, Alialujah Choir)

Portland Cello Project Artistic Director Douglas Jenkins always said that he would never score out any Radiohead arrangements for PCP, because the originals were perfect enough soundscapes as they are.

However, the serendipity of a simultaneous collaboration with the world-class wind quintet, City of Tomorrow (the only wind ensemble for the last ten years to win the gold medal in the Fischoff National Chamber Music Competition), and a top-notch new men’s choir led by Stephen Marc Beaudoin (recorded and toured with Pink Martini, soloist with Fear no Music, and Executive Director of PHAME), made the temptation to take on this legendary album unavoidable. Adam Shearer (Alialujah Choir, Weinland) performs “Exit Music (For a Film).”

Recognizing this one-time only performance as something to be documented, award-winning filmmaker Mark Smith, assisted by friends, ncluding director Daniel Finkle, “Denmark” and “A House, A Home), filmed the  performance. They edited “Exit Music (From the Film)” in time to share with fans and to mark the upcoming birthdays of Thom Yorke and Yo Yo Ma, both born on October 7.

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