PORCUPINE TREE: Free Track Download

Porcupine Tree are offering a free download of their track I Drive The Hearse here.

Users have to supply their email address to get the song, but streaming is also available without giving any information.

It’s taken from upcoming release Octane Twisted, out on November 20, which features a live performance of their tenth studio album, The Incident, with bonus tracks on a second disc.

CD1: The Incident live in Chicago

1. Occam’s Razor
2. The Blind House
3. Great Expectations
4. Kneel and Disconnect
5. Drawing the Line
6. The Incident
7. Your Unpleasant Family
8. The Yellow Windows of the Evening Train
9. Time Flies
10. Degree Zero of Liberty
11. Octane Twisted
12. The Seance
13. Circle of Manias
14. I Drive the Hearse


1. Hatesong
2. Russia on Ice / The Pills I’m Taking
3. Stars Die
4. Bonnie the Cat
5. Even Less
6. Dislocated Day
7. Arriving Somewhere but not Here

Source: http://www.progrockmag.com

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  1. Tanmoy Mondal

    December 27, 2012 at 12:11 am

    oh its great

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