PHIDEAUX: News On The Upcoming Album

Photo by Rebsie Fairholm

The creative force behind Phideaux, Phideaux Xavier has issued an update on the band’s upcoming studio album, called Infernal. Here’s what he says:

Oh dear, I think we’re back to a “double album” for Infernal. Some new songs came into being: Here’s the new rundown… Some of the titles have changed:

Side One (21 min)

1. Cast Out And Cold
2. The Error Lives On
3. Inquisitor

Side Two (18 min)

4. We Only Have Eyes For You
5. Walk On Water
6. The Order Of Protection (Part One)

Side Three (18 min)

7. In Dissonance We Play
8. Prickle
9. Metro Deathfire
10. The Sleepers Awaken
11. The Order Of Protection (Part Two)

Side Four (20 min)

12. From Hydrogen To Love
13. Eternal

I’m excited to begin recording at the end of July. We’ve got the studio booked from July 28 til August 6, Mark, John, Gabe, Mat, Rich, Ariel and I will be toiling for 9 days…

The aim is to record as much of it “live” as possible (with overdubs to complete later). The vocals will be done a few weeks later, also as much live as possible so we can feed off each other’s energy. A good deal of Snowtorch was recorded live and I thought there was some good energy in those performances.

Here’s hoping this concluding chapter will cap things off nicely! (and I hope we can finish it in time for the end of the world in December…)

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