PETER HAMMILL & GARY LUCAS To Release “Other World”

Peter Hammill & Gary Lucas

Van der Graaf Generator frontman Peter Hammill and former Captain Beefheart’s Magic Band guitarist Gary Lucas are gearing up for the launch of a collaborative album entitled Other World, which they describe as “warped folk music.” View their trailer video below.

The 14-track record will appear on February 3 via Esoteric Recordings – and comes 40 years after the pair first met.

Hammill explains how they started work in 2012: “We didn’t exactly have a grand plan about what we were about to attempt. He told me he had pieces which might be worth working on, and I’d prepared some looped pieces. We probably thought we’d have done well if we managed to get an EP out of the session.”

But he continues: “From the first note it became clear we were on exactly the same wavelength, and after a couple of days we knew we had the makings of an album. We’ve ended up with something quite strange but strangely powerful.”

American-born Lucas, who’d always had an interest in English prog music, admits he bought VdGG’s 1969 album The Aerosol Grey Machine solely because of its artwork. But he adds: “I fell in love with it and played it to death for my radio show listeners and my friends.” He took advantage of a working trip to Europe in 1973 to visit the UK and caught Hammill’s solo show in Aylesbury, supported by Phil Collins and Peter Banks in Zox And The Radar Boys.

The pair became friends, and Lucas returned to the UK for VdGG’s reunion show in London in 2005. The rekindling of their friendship led, at long last, to Other World. Lucas reports: “Having worked closely with many great artists and vocalists including Don Van Vilet and Jeff Buckley, I can say Peter is right up there as a creative partner and collaborator. The result to my ears is –– well, just listen for yourself!”

You can read a full interview with the pair in the forthcoming issue of Prog, on sale February 11.

The album is available for pre-order now via Cherry Red.


01. Spinning Coins
02. Some Kind of Fracas
03. Of Kith & Kin
04. Cash
05. Built from Scratch
06. Attar of Roses
07. This is Showbiz
08. Reboot
09. Black Ice
10. The Kid
11. Glass
12. 2 Views
13. Means to an End
14. Slippery Slope

(source Prog Magazine)

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