Peter Gabriel welcomes his former Genesis bandmate Phil Collins consideration of coming out of retirement.

Collins bowed out in 2011 but recently admitted he was rethinking the move, saying: “I’m thinking about doing some shows again, even with Genesis. Everything is possible.”

Asked about his reaction, Gabriel tells Rolling Stone: “Good! I think he got himself into a bit of a hole, and that’s great news he’s coming out of it. It doesn’t have to involve work – but if it does, that’s a great indicator.”

The classic Genesis lineup had previously discussed the possibility of reuniting to stage a live version ofThe Lamb Lies Down On Broadway. Gabriel believes it’s unlikely to ever happen, saying: “My voice has dropped a tone since the Genesis days. That’s a fact of life. I still sort of think through film ideas for The Lamb.”

But there’s still the chance of a reunion in another form. “It’s never been ruled out,” says the singer. “I’m trying to picture a time when it would top my priorities list though.

“We’re quite lucky – looking back at other bands of our generation, there’s usually one or two missing now. So you do get a sense of the clock.”

Gabriel is currently aiming to complete work on solo album I/O which he started in 2005.

(source Prog Magazine)

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