ØRESUND SPACE COLLECTIVE To Release “Organic Earthly Flotation” On October 1st


The Øresund Space Collective is back with a new studio album, the bands 16th release. The material on this gatefold album was recorded at the Black Tornado studios in Copehagen in April 2012. It is the same studio where all of the bands studio releases have been made. The line up on this recording session included Mogens and DR. Space on synthesizers as it has been on all the releases as well as all the members of the Danish band Papir (Kristoffer – drums, Nicklas – guitar, Christian – bass (only on Neptune Rising). In addition, Pär from the bands Sgt. Sunshine, Carpet Knights, Hoofoot played the bass. The line up was completely by American guitar player Daniel Lars. This was his first trip ever to Denmark and playing with the Øresund Space Collective.

The sessions were heavily guitar dominated as was the last studio session from 2010 but the level of solo intensity was lifted up a notch as Daniel and Nicklas lay down some amazing melodic, spacey and ripping guitar on these exploratory tracks. Besides the opening track, Walking on Clouds (A Daniel original, which we jammed on), the rest of the tracks were totally improvised.

The songs presented here were engineered by Lars Lundholm, mixed by Daniel (in his home studio in Colorado in 2012) and mastered by Johan Dahlström in February 2013. The fantastic artwork is by the amazing Finnish artist Eetu Pellonpåå.

Listen to Walking on Clouds Pt. 1 & 2 below.

Organic Earthly Floatation

Organic Earthly Flotation tracklisting:

Side A
Walking on Clouds 19:23
Walking on Clouds Part 2 6:17
Side B
Carlos on the Moon 16:57
Neptune Rising 5:08

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