OCEANS Ask Fans to Contribute to Their Song

OCEANS Ask Fans to Contribute to Their Song

Austria’s post death metal newcomers Oceans have delivered a call to action for their fans during lockdown:

Legions, we need your voices for our upcoming single ‘Against All Odds’!

The Covid-19 crisis has held us stuck at home for some time now. But we didn’t want to let this time go by without doing something creative. So we did what we do best: we wrote a song – and a very powerful one indeed. To make all of you a little happier in these difficult times we are planning to release it very soon. But that’s not all: this is where you come in! You can be both in the song and in the music video! Awesome right?

What we need you to do:

It’s very simple. The line you have to sing is ‘Against All Odds’.

We have a song snippet for you here that you can sing along to: https://bit.ly/OCEANSAgainstAllOdds

It doesn’t matter if you’re a singer or if you’re good at screaming! What matters is that we all work together on this unique piece of music. Just play back the file from you laptop, computer, anything with some headphones on and then record a video of yourself singing the line with your smartphone.

Oh, have we mentioned? We’re also doing a video for the song and all of you are going to be in it!

Please make sure that you record the video with your phone in portrait mode (like an Instagram Story). And don’t be shy, we’re all in this together. Do it in your pyjamas if you like or dress up like there’s no tomorrow. It’s up to you and each and every one of you is beautiful the way you are.

You can send us all your videos to hello@oceansofficial.com or upload it into this dropbox folder: https://bit.ly/2y2vpfK

If none of this works try sending it via wetransfer.com to the email address above.

We are very much looking forward to your videos! Let’s make this collaboration something, we all will never forget! We are the #oceanstribe and down in the abyss we are many!

All the best,
Timo, Patrick, Thomas & Jakob | OCEANS

Order The Sun And The Cold: nblast.de/OceansTheSunAndTheCold

Produced by Timo Rotten himself, The Sun And The Cold was recorded at Timo Rotten Studios in Vienna, Austria and Lightmountain Studios in Berlin, Germany, whilst mixing and mastering duties were handled by André Hofmann at Hofmann Studios. Even the album artwork was created by the band, which highlights their dedication to the cause and DIY ethos.

The Sun And The Cold track list:

01. The Sun And The Cold
02. We Are The Storm
03. Dark
04. Paralyzed
05. Take The Crown
06. Shadows
07. Legions Arise
08. Polaris
09. Truth Served Force Fed
10. Water Rising
11. Hope

Bonus Tracks (DDIGI only!)
12. We Are The Storm (Radio Edit)
13. Polaris (Born Free Remix)
14. Polaris (Don’t Breathe Remix)

Bonus CD (Into The Void & Cover Me In Darkness EPs; DIGI only)

01. Into The Void
02. Icarus
03. Scars
04. The Sound Of Your Voice
05. The Last Day On Earth (MARILYN MANSON Cover)
06. Scars To Your Beautiful [feat. Anna Murphy] (ALESSIA CARA Cover)
07. My Own Summer (Shove It) (DEFTONES Cover)
08. Creep (RADIOHEAD Cover)
09. Would (ALICE IN CHAINS Cover)

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