MISERIUM to Release New Album “Ascension” This Spring

Miserium - Ascension

This spring Hungarian prog metallers Miserium return with their second full-length album entitled Ascension, with a concept that is based on the tragedy of Aias by Sophocles and the myth of the Trojan war. Ascension contains ten new songs including a bonus track and contrary to their previous album – Return to Grace – there is just one guest musician.

Our activity was very low in the last two years because of life issues, so with thorns in our hearts we had to make the decision to not to call us a band for an indefinite period but a project without any line-up changes. That means we will continue our musical journey, and the next proof of this; is our new album, called ‘Ascension.’ We had many ideas during the ‘Return to Grace‘ era, but they were not suitable for that concept. This time we used more from our prog-power and thrash influences and as a consequence we finished a ten song album also fueled with death, doom and acoustic stuffs (as usual). The new story demanded a female character, so we decided to invite Katalin Rita Varga (soprano) to be Athena, narrator and the Voice of Troy. The cover design made by a young artist, Tamás Kóródi the master-chef of Deadlife art,” the band commented.

Ascension Track Listing:

1. Origin
2. Fear
3. A Day to Remember
4. Beyond the Walls
5. The Rising
6. Incomprehensible Act
7. Cast to Waves
8. A Silent Prayer
9. Ascension
10. When Memory Fades (bonus track)

Ascension is out on March 24 via Nail Records. 

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Miserium - Ascension

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