MIKAEL ÅKERFELDT: “I’d Love to Do Something with MIKE PORTNOY”

Mikael Akerfeldt

Opeth‘s Mikael Åkerfeldt recently spoke with Linea Rock about his collaboration with Steven Wilson on the Storm Corrosion project. Although Åkerfeldt mentioned that there might be the second album with the project, he didn’t give much information on when that might happen.

Mikael also once again cleared up rumors that former Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy was initially asked to be part of Storm Corrosion, only to be dismissed from the project once Åkerfeldt and Wilson started collaborating on musical ideas.

Mike and I, he’s also a good friend of mine, and we talked several times about doing something together,“ Mikael explained. “And he heard about me and Steven doing this, and he said, ‘I wanna play drums,’ figuring there’s gonna be drums on there. But what happened was that there’s not a lot drums on there. There’s just a beat sometimes, like on the ride cymbal. And one song, instead of drums, I was keeping the beat with a string on a guitar — the last song on the album. There is drums on one song — there is a little bit of drums on some songs — which was played by Gavin Harrison [Porcupine Tree] at the end of the day. But Gavin came in like a session musician — he just did it, and he has no kind of connection with the project other than that he was brought in to do that. But the idea, like, if you bring in a guy like Mike, it becomes a band situation, and Mike‘s a workaholic too. And you don’t bring in Mike Portnoy to play the ride cymbal. He’s a great drummer, and I’d love to do something with him sometime, but that wasn’t a drum record, so he would probably be a bit upset if that was all he was gonna do.

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