MIDNIGHT MOODSWINGS & SEISWORK: “The Dopamine Recursive” Released


In what was a natural progress after the Radio for the Daydreamers reached its peak, Midnight Moodswings in collaboration with Belgian producer Seiswork released “The Dopamine Recursive” EP, a release comprised of nine numbers. The album is largely based on ambient segment, with tons of atmosphere-building piano passages.

The band describes “The Dopamine Recursive” story as “imaginary people telling imaginary stories to imaginary listeners,” which is proven true through the cinematic feeling and approach made characteristic by this particular work of art.

“The Dopamine Recursive” tracklist:

1. The Floor Is
2. A Good Place
3. Interlude- Numb As Numbers
4. To Sleep
5. When You Cannot
6. Interlude- Alas! Time Never Flies
7. Tell The Difference
8. Between Night And Day
9. Outro- My Problem With Daylight

The album is available as digital download and can be purchased HERE. Additionally, Midnight Moodswings will release a full debut album in July called “The Surrogate Piano#, an album based mostly on piano arrangements with an accent on the lyrical side. The official video for “Only You Can Heal”, taken from the album, can be seen below.

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