MASTODON Release New Song “Sultan’s Curse”


Mastodon have released the first single from their upcoming album Emperor of Sand, out on March 31 via Reprise Records. You can watch the official video for “Sultan’s Curse” below.

The track listing for the new album is as follows:

01. Sultan’s Curse
02. Show Yourself
03. Precious Stones
04. Steambreather
05. Roots Remain
06. Word To The Wise
07. Ancient Kingdom
08. Clandestiny
09. Andromeda
10. Scorpion Breath
11. Jaguar God

Mastodon‘s follow-up to 2014′s Once More ‘Round The Sun album was once again helmed by famed producer Brendan O’Brien, who first collaborated with the band on their 2009 groundbreaking concept album Crack The Skye.

Mastodon recorded the new disc at the Quarry in Kennesaw, Georgia before moving to Henson Studios in Los Angeles for the mixing stage.

Drummer-singer-lyricist Brann Dailor recently told Rolling Stone that the band’s new album grapples with themes of mortality and was inspired by seeing close friends and family diagnosed with cancer in recent years.

Time is a very big theme of the album,“ Dailor said. “How much time do we have left? What are we doing with our time?

I get a little movie going in my head about a situation and I start writing about that,” he added. “I try really hard to make it personal and relatable and not too esoteric. It’s embarrassing to write lyrics. I’m a drummer, and I sing a little bit. Together we tackle these things and we figure it out — how to be this vocally driven band that has three people singing that don’t want to sing.

He went on to say: “It’s about going through cancer, going through chemotherapy and all the things associated with that. I didn’t want to be literal about it. But it’s all in there. You can read between the lines.

Mastodon's new album Emperor of Sand

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