MARILLION Lost Control Over “Sounds That Can’t Be Made”


Marillion admit they lost control over current album Sounds That Can’t Be Made to the extent that they didn’t want to listen to it together.

The band had adopted a method of working which meant they’d all been adding tracks on their own – and no one knew how the material sounded any more.

And they were convinced that if they heard the entire work-in-progress they’d suffer a massive fall-out and go their separate ways in the middle of a European tour.

Frontman Steve Hogarth explains: “The whole thing descended into anarchy. Nobody knew what anybody else was doing on the songs, including the producer. We were all adding overdubs and things in hotel rooms on tour. It had gone native; it had run off.”

The problem was that they’d all thrown in whatever they felt a particular song needed, without considering what anyone else was adding. “At any point in time I might be whispering, Steve Rothery might have put a bit of guitar in and Mark Kelly might have put something, and we’d have to decide what to leave out,” Hogarth says.

Bassist Pete Trewavas adds: “We got to a point in Scandinavia where we knew we’d have to listen to the whole thing. We really didn’t want to because we thought we’d have such a big argument and fall out in the middle of touring. We had to be really careful or we might just all fly home.”

But to their relief, Sounds That Can’t Be Made has been generally well-received. “We must have got most of that right because it’s gone down a storm,” Hogarth reports.

Marillion have released a second trailer for upcoming concert DVD Brave Live. View it below, along with the first clip. It’s to be released later this year with an exact date to be confirmed in due course.

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