LUNAR Release New Single Featuring Richard Henshall of HAKEN

Alex Bosson

Ahead of its release on November 6th, Sacramento prog metal act Lunar has launched a video for the song “Comfort” taken from the Eidolon album. The animated video for the song, which features Haken‘s Richard Henshall playing a guest guitar solo, can be viewed below.

Alex Bosson, drummer and founder of Lunar, commented:

I’m very excited to get to debut the song ‘Comfort’ from the new album.  Already, this early on, it seems to be a fan favorite. I think it has a good diversity with some aspects of pop, rock and, of course, metal and I think it turned out really well. Plus getting to have a guest solo by Rich Henshall of Haken is a big honor for me. The video was done by Miles Skarin of Crystal Spotlight and he did such a phenomenal job! I hope everyone out there enjoys the song and the video as much as I do!

The core line-up besides Bosson features bassist Ryan Price and singer Chandler Mogel, who previously appeared on Theogony, in addition to NovaReign’s guitarist Balmore Lemus. Eidolon also includes guest contributions from members of Leprous, Haken, Caligula’s Horse, Fallujah, Thank You Scientist, among others.

Eidolon can be pre-ordered here. Prog Sphere has previously premiered the “Hypnotized” single.

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