Lemmy Kilminster Of Motorhead Suffers Hematoma, Band Cancels Tour Dates

Lemmy Kilminster

Motorhead’s Lemmy Kilmister recently dealt with a health issue relating to his heart, but the band reportedly planned to release their upcoming album Aftershock as planned, as well as play a handful of tour dates in the coming weeks.

Today, though, Loudwire reported that Lemmy had an emergency health issue over the weekend, prompting the band to cancel two tour dates in Milan and Austria.

According to a Facebook post by the Italian promoter, Kilmister suffered a hematoma that prevented the show from going on.

Loudwire explains:

A hematoma is a mass of usually clotted blood caused by a broken blood vessel that forms in a tissue, organ or body space. They can occur anywhere in the body, and the prognosis varies widely. Specific information on the cause, location and severity of Lemmy’s hematoma has not been released.

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