KVELERTAK To Play Both London And Berlin Desertfests

Kvelertak to play 2014's Desertfest festivals in London and Berlin

Desertfest organizers have confirmed that Norwegian black’n'rollers Kveltertak are added to the festival line-ups for both London and Berlin events. The full press release can be read below.

Today is a fucking great day for DESERTFEST BERLIN (and of course for all of you who support us)! We are soooo thrilled to introduce to you our third headliner, the tripply-guitared Norwegian outfit KVELERTAK!!

KVELERTAK is the band which made sensation in 2010 with their first album out from nowhere, one-of-a-kind blend of Punk-Hardcore and Black Metal boosted with a Rock n Roll energy! Actually, at their best, KVELERTAK register as 40-plus years of aggressive-rock history crammed into one filler-free highlight reel.

In 2010, their first album stayed 30 weeks in the Norwegian charts! With such radical music, that should have been done! KVELERTAK piled-up tours with the biggest names of the underground scene : Coliseum, Converge, Toxic Holocaust, Torche and Kylesa, and finally recorded their second long-awaited album last spring!

On their second album “Meir” (which reached the 2nd rank on Rolling Stone “20 best Metal Albums of 2013”), Stavanger six-piece KVELERTAK haven’t exactly refined the formula that made their success; rather, they’ve bottled it, destroyed the recipe and knocked back gallons of the stuff like Vikings at a post-pillage feast.

To support “Meir” the Norse wild-men played more than a hundred of shows all over the world (Europe, Japan, Australia…), and ended some weeks ago a month of tour with monsters High on Fire!

Well, that is all we can say… KVELERTAK is not a band you talk about, it’s a band you see LIVE! Because you just have to bring KVELERTAK on stage to ensure the most delightful mayhem! Enjoy!


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