HAWKWIND Cancels US Tour


It was about a year ago when Hawkwind fans in the U.S. and Canada heard the band was booking its first American tour in nearly 20 years. Now, after a few trials and tribulations, their hopes of seeing the pioneering prog/space rock act in person have been dashed as the band announced the cancellation of the tour late yesterday.

According to a statement on the band’s Facebook page, Hawkwind cites financial reasons for canceling the tour. The statement outlines a financial situation that would have left Hawkwind without any cash on hand when they arrived in the Unites States from Great Britain. The band claims they typically receive a deposit from ticket sales before embarking on the tour anywhere else in the world to cover traveling and accommodation expenses. However, the band was to see no such deposit from the U.S. and Canadian shows and the money needed to make the journey could not be raised by the band itself.

The statement also conveys the band’s disappointment in making the decision to cancel the tour. According to their statement:

To have abandoned the possibility of doing these shows months ago would have seemed like giving up without a fight and we wanted to make sure that we left no stone unturned in our endeavours to make these shows happen, which was, in fact, all of our goals and all of our dreams. This huge effort to bring the show to our North American fans has become all encompassing and over the last year has affected not only our lives, but those of our friends and families and has undermined our creativity in that period.

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