Greg Lake: I’d Love To Get ELP Back Together

Greg Lake would love to get ELP back together – and admits it’s a “huge regret” the three former bandmates don’t get along with each other.

The bassist has just completed the UK dates on his Songs Of A Lifetime tour, but plans to add more shows in the future. During the set he delivers the tracks that mean most to him and talks to the audience about his career. He plans to add more dates in the future.

He recently told how an attempt by Yes to outdo ELP’s larger-than-life touring lifestyle nearly resulted in a plane crash.

Lake tells the Cambridge News: “The idea came about after I’d finished writing my autobiography. While I was writing, songs would crop up that were pivotal and influential to me. The songs had memories attached, and I realised if they had memories for me, they would for others.

“The songs – they aren’t all mine – represent a journey that both me and and the audience have shared, and a tapestry against which we all live our lives.”

Lake says his setlist includes Elvis and the Beatles, and believes the resulting show isn’t truly a concert. “There’s a shared involvement,” he says. “You wouldn’t be surprised to see people crying and laughing as we talk about things.”

But he hasn’t left ELP behind him. He says: “It’s a huge regret of mine that we don’t get on as well as we perhaps could.

“I would love to go out and tour with Keith and Carl. I’ve got this theory that if people are good enough to buy your albums – and we sold a lot of albums – then you owe it to those people to perform the songs for them.”

Lake’s Songs Of A Lifetime tour continues in Italy on November 28.


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