OPETH’s Fredrik Åkesson on New Album: “It’s a Bit Darker and a Bit Heavier”

Mikael Akerfeldt & Fredrik Akesson

Opeth’s guitarist Fredrik Åkesson recently spoke for Kaaos TV about the band’s upcoming studio album Sorceress, due on September 30th via Nuclear Blast Entertainment / Moderbolaget Records.

Asked about the new album being a progression from the band’s previous work Pale Communion, Åkesson commented: “Yeah, I think we would like to… We wish it’s like that. That’s kind of the goal — to not repeat ourselves, especially for Mike, who writes the majority of the material. [The goal is to] always try to raise the [bar] and do something different from the one before. It’s a bit what Opeth is about, I would say. Most of the albums, I think, are very different from each other. But maybe you can say this latest one relates a bit to the previous one, Pale Communion, and also Heritage.

I would say this one is a bit more heavy — a bit more progressive hard rock heavy. More direct, maybe, some songs. Some really catchy melodies, if you wanna put it that way. It’s a bit more intense, I think, a bit darker and a bit heavier. Not going back to the death metal stuff, really, but still it’s… some songs, I think, are the heaviest we’ve done, if you compare [the last] three albums.

I think every song is very different from each other on the album. And I think there’s a lot of songs, like the first single is gonna be [the] ‘Sorceress’ [title track]. I’m really looking forward to playing that live. It’s a bit different for us; it’s detuned and very heavy, chugging heavy. I think it’s one of those albums — I’ve said this before, but I think, again, it’s important — with the sequence of the album, you should listen from the top to the end. It’s supposed to be like a little journey.”

Sorceress will be released on September 30 via OPETH‘s imprint label Moderbolaget Records through Nuclear Blast.

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