Former VOLUMES Guitarist DIEGO FARIAS Dies

Former VOLUMES Guitarist DIEGO FARIAS Dies

There are reports from within the scene that Diego Farias, until recently the guitarist of Volumes, has died.

Diego was one of the founding members of Volumes, and has been involved in the band since 2009. Late last week Volumes announced that Diego had parted ways with the band, with a lengthy statement posted to the band’s Twitter explaining that as Diego had become more successful as a producer, he didn’t have the time necessary to invest in the band.

Diego was never fired / kicked out of the band,“ Volumes shared. ”Over the past few years, we have seen him grow in his career as a producer, and as a result, he lost the desire to tour with the band and then subsequently couldn’t further commit to the overall writing process with the group. We have had various replacement guitarists tour with the band. We wish nothing but the best of luck for Diego and know that he is on the fast track of becoming one of the most successful producers in the game.

As yet, Volumes have not released an official statement about Diego. However, Volumes drummer Nick Ursich has simply tweeted “This can’t be real.

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