ECHOPRAXIA Releases Guitar Playthrough for “Mortal Coil”

ECHOPRAXIA Releases Guitar Playthrough for "Mortal Coil"

Echopraxia is the project of Nashville based composer Austin Woodward. His debut album Candle Cove will be released January 26th. Candle Cove was recorded and co-produced by Joe Cocchi (Within The Ruins) and mixed and mastered by Impact Studios‘s Buster Odeholm (Humanity’s Last Breath). You can watch a guitar playthrough for the “Mortal Coil” song below.

Austin is a metal guitarist and producer with strong gypsy jazz and Russian classical influence, he’s also influenced by aspects of refined pop. In addition to his work with Echopraxia he has engineered and tracked for studio sessions in Nashville.

Candle Cove Track Listing:

1. Mortal Coil
2. Semper Occultus
3. Abbadon
4. Fukuro
5. 3s Without 4
6. Aggro
7. Fátima
8. Betelgeuse

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