DORDEDUH: New Music Video For "Dojana"

Prophecy Productions is proud to present the first video clip of Dordeduh for the song Dojana, taken from the band’s debut album Dar De Duh, due out out November 13th in North America. The song was visualized by the musicians and director Costin Chioreanu inimitably, and the end result can be viewed below. Edmond/Hupogrammos says:

Finally, the first video of Dordeduh is out. For the setting, we chose an old, quite unknown Dacian fortress, placed deep into the Apuseni mountains. The place is surrounded by an unusual forest, called locally ‘the forest without a face’. This place was the subject of many mysterious stories of people disappearing into the forest without a trace. Fortunately, during the shootings, nothing unusual happened. We are very happy with the final result, and Costin Chioreanu did a great job. Enough describing – we let you to enjoy it!

Check the video for Dojana below.

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