COVET to Release “Technicolor” on June 5th via Triple Crown Records

COVET to Release "Technicolor" on June 5th via Triple Crown Records

Covet, the Bay Area outfit featuring Yvette Young (guitar/vocals), David Adamiak (bass) and Forrest Rice (drums), return with their sophomore album, Technicolor, setting a June 5th release date for the Triple Crown Records release.

There are so many textures and types of songs that it’s a new direction for us,” explains Yvette, who, for the first time in the band’s history, lends her lyrics and vocals to songs “Parachute” and “Farewell.” “Some of them have a nostalgic feel. Others can be quite heavy. Technicolor traditionally is a technique used to colorize old film. In the same spirit, we’re taking these sounds and developing them. The word encapsulates what we set out to do.”

The album features more colors in terms of not just the effects, but the songwriting and the rhythms,” agrees David. “When you compile everything together, it’s our most diverse body of work yet. We’ve never had vocals with lyrics before. There were some vowels hummed on Currents, but it was gratifying to add Yvette’s voice like this.”

A preview of the 10-song album, which finds the band reunited with producers Mike Watts (The Dillinger Escape Plan, Glassjaw) and Frank Mitaritonna, can be heard now as Covet release another quirky, colorful and just plain fun video, this time for the single “Nero.” The 7-minute clip was directed by Tom Flynn with visual effects by Kyle Monroe.

Albums pre-orders, which two limited vinyl variants, can be found now via the Triple Crown Records webstore as well as the standard digital service providers ( “Nero” is offered an instant download with purchase.

Technicolor Track Listing:

  1. Good Morning
  2. Atreyu
  3. Parachute
  4. Predawn (feat. Philip Jamieson)
  5. Nero
  6. Pirouette
  7. Ares
  8. Parrot
  9. Odessa
  10. Farewell

Covet - Technicolor

Cover photo by Conner Feimster

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