COSTIN CHIOREANU to Host “Here For a While” Art Exhibition at PROGNOSIS Festival

COSTIN CHIOREANU to Host "Here For a While" Art Exhibition at PROGNOSIS Festival

Costin Chioreanu is a Romanian graphic designer, illustrator and video artist, best known for his collaborations with Opeth, Katatonia, Ghost, Voivod, Emperor, Psychotic Waltz, Leprous, Ulver and many others. The artist will host an art exhibition at this year’s Prognosis Festival in Eindhoven, Netherlands titled “Here For a While” and inspired by the music of Katatonia.

The whole series of art included in this exhibition is a visualisation of the feelings crated in the heart of the artist by some of the Katatonia songs. Stylistically, the exhibition presents a new level of Chioreanu’s mastery into mixed media, combining pieces of pencil drawing, watercolor and photo-manipulation.

Katatonia will play a special “By Request” set at Prognosis voted by fans. The group has just announced the release of their new studio album entitled City Burials and launched a single for “Lacquer.”

This year’s Prognosis Festival takes place on March 20 and 21 at De Effenaar in Eindhoven, and will see performances from Anathema, White Stones, Katatonia, Long Distance Calling, Sons of Apollo, Enslaved, Masvidal, Focus, Cellar Darling, Bruce Soord, Maraton, The New Death Cult, Rendezvous Point, Scarlet Stories, Dilemma, Don Airey, and The Fierce and the Dead. Tickets are available here.

Here for a While posterPrognosis 2020 line-up

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