CALIFORNIA BREED Premiere Video for “Sweet Tea”

California Breed debut video single for "Sweet Tea"

California Breed, new power trio featuring Glenn Hughes, Jason Bonham and Andrew Watt, have just put out a video single for Sweet Tea, taken from the band’s self-titled debut album. View it below.

The album is due on May 20 via Frontiers Records. It was recorded in Nashville in December 2013 with producer David Cobb. Talking about the recording process Hughes commented: “We recorded each track twice, drums and guitar, then I over-dubbed the bass on the comps of those songs.

I sang the songs twice, and Dave comped my vocal tracks from each song, and we had a full, complete album.

Hughes and Bonham previously worked together in Black Country Communion. Hughes met Andrew Watt in Los Angeles at a pre-Grammys party. “I saw this kid walking toward me, and he looked very much like I did in 1970 — long hair, had a really cool hat on,” Hughes says. “He spoke my language musically.

It is planned for California Breed to hit the road in September this year. Check back for more news about California Breed and their self-titled debut.

Think of California and you think of brilliant color and bright sunlight. Think of a breed and it’s all about bloodlines and brotherhood. Put the two together as California Breed and you have the most exciting new band of 2014.

California Breed tracklisting:

  1. The Way
  2. Sweet Tea
  3. Chemical Rain
  4. Midnight Oil
  5. All Falls Down
  6. The Grey
  7. Days They Come
  8. Spit You Out
  9. Strong
  10. Invisible
  11. Scars
  12. Breathe
  13. Solo (Bonus Track)

California Breed on the web:

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