BOW Gives Away FREE "Man In The Machine" Album Downloads

Experimental avant-garde project BOW has announced work started on its second album called “UMRI”. To celebrate the band is giving away free album downloads of its futuristic debut “Man In The Machine”.

UMRI will be the second conceptual album by Bow, the studio project by artist Chris van der Linden (also known from Fourteen Twentysix) that combines ambient, industrial and ethnic music into evocative, cinematic soundscapes. In contrast to Man In The Machine which was a dark and futuristic story, UMRI tells the spiritual story of ancient man, traveling the continents of prehistoric earth. Chased by the ghostly remnants of the last ice age, new discoveries are made, territories crossed, hardship overcome and changes made that shape the future forever…

To celebrate Bow is giving away free downloads of the debut “Man In The Machine” album to everyone who signs up for the band’s newsletter.

You can sign up for the newsletter at where you also find a video about the upcoming UMRI album.


Official website:
UMRI website:

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