Bob Dylan to Release New Original Album on June 19


As one of the most influential musicians in America, Bob Dylan has heavily influenced progressive rock through his unique mixture of folk, country, rock, and blues.

The good news is that Rolling Stone announced that he’s planning to release some new and original material, through his new album ‘Rough and Rowdy Ways’ on June 19. Rumours suggest it is named after the classic song by Jimmie Rodgers, titled ‘My Rough and Rowdy Ways’ in 1929.

One of the highlights of the album is the 17-minute-long track ‘Murder Most foul’, which gets its own separate disc in the CD version of the release.

In his last album release in 2012 titled ‘Tempest’, Bob Dylan showed off his lyrical range across a controversial range of topics. In a review from the New York Times, Jon Pareles describes how he sings about murder and suicide in a love triangle in ‘Tin Angel’ as well as a bloody massacre in ‘Early Roman Kings’. So it’s no wonder that a Gala Bingo Pub Quiz post describes how his edgy writing recently won him a Nobel Prize for Literature in 2016 for his poetic songwriting talent. He was the first songwriter to win the award and the first American since the writer Toni Morrison in 1993. Interestingly, the BBC reports how he failed to pick up the prestigious prize until a year later. The American singer was awarded the prize in October but failed to travel to pick up the award. According to the article, he finally accepted his winnings in Stockholm where he was scheduled to play two concerts, which was worth roughly £727,000. Part of the legal requirement to accept the prize includes a lecture, which was sent in via tape. In line with his wishes, no members of the media were present during the intimate award ceremony.

For fans eagerly awaiting his new release, ‘Murder Most Foul’ is a mixture of melancholic ballads and blues-inspired songs. Narrating the assassination of JFK, the song describes how the president was murdered, possibly in order to put Lyndon B. Johnson in power. It shifts around the timeline of his story, with Dylan imagining what he may have said to his killers and narrating the landmarks on his journey to the hospital. The song echoes the tradition of the murder ballad archetype, which adds a ghostly twist to JFK’s murder. Halfway through the song, he gruesomely describes Kennedy’s autopsy and how they removed his brain, but “nobody ever found his soul”. While the song can almost be viewed as a stripped-down spoken word poem, ‘False Prophets’ gives off a more bluesy vibe with heavier guitars. Conversely, ‘I Contain Multitudes’ is a sombre and delicate ballad. Every song on the album contains his signature lyrical brilliance and depth.

If you’re searching for other artists to keep you occupied in the meantime, Bob Dylan fans are likely to find some similarities in Barry Weinberg’s 2017 album ‘Samsarana’. In particular, he describes how his song ‘Endless Sea’ takes some folk influence from Dylan, as well as Bob Seger rock vibes and some grunge metal.

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