BENT KNEE Launch Video for “Terror Bird”

BENT KNEE Launch Video for "Terror Bird"

Genre-bending art-rock band Bent Knee have revealed a stunning new video for the track “Terror Bird.” The track is the third to be released from their forthcoming album, Land Animal, out on June 23rd via InsideOut Music/Sony. The collection combines myriad influences from across the rock, pop, minimalist, and avant-garde spectrums into a seamless, thrilling whole. Watch the video below.

The band’s violinist Chris Baum comments: ”We all have an idea in our heads of how a good person thinks and feels, good people feel sad when hearing about tragedies, angry when reading about injustices, and happy for other’s successes, but sometimes, our brains fail to meet our own standards and slump into an apathetic mush instead. ‘Terror Bird’ is about fighting our natural inclination to become indifferent toward the world around us. In a globalized, hyper-connected society, it’s a problem we wrestle with now more than ever.

Bent Knee recently released a live clip for the track “Holy Ghost” which you can also see below.

Land Animal Track Listing:

1. Terror Bird
2. Hole
3. Holy Ghost
4. Insides In
5. These Hands
6. Land Animal
7. Time Deer
8. Belly Side Up
9. The Well
10. Boxes

BENT KNEE online:

Bent Knee - Land Animal

Cover photo by Chris Anderson

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