BARRY WEINBERG Launches “Samsarana” Pre-Order

Barry Weinberg - Samsarana

Progressive Rock singer-songwriter Barry Weinberg will release his debut solo album Samsarana on January 25th. The musician hailing from South Florida has launched the album pre-order through his official website, iTunes, and Amazon.

Commented Weinberg, “As a music lover, I’ve always enjoyed a wide range of musical styles from Progressive Rock to Folk to Classical to Metal. On ‘Samsarana,’ I wanted to incorporate all these diverse genres in a cohesive way to tell a story, using the music to set the mood for the lyrics. Those who have previewed the album have given me the feedback that it sounds like a movie soundtrack. That was my intention in composing this album. I wanted to create ‘Musical Cinema.’

Speaking about how much of Samsarana is personal Weinberg states, “I learned guitar by writing songs. I was a bit of a quiet kid and I always expressed myself and what I was going through by writing a song. Many of the songs on ‘Samsarana’ I wrote at key points in my life and they have always been very important to me. ‘Beyond the Astral Sky,’ for example, I wrote when I was 18. If you read the lyrics, I was going through a pretty dark time and all I wanted to do was escape life. Whereas, ‘Endless Sea,’ is a more current song which I wrote for the ‘Florida Crackers’ soundtrack about a cattleman I met and his experience with the industrialization of the cattle industry. Not exactly autobiographical, but he and I really connected and it fit right into the story and musical flow of ‘Samsarana.’

Samsarana is out on January 25th; pre-order it from Barry Weinberg’s website, iTunes or Amazon.

Samsarana Track Listing:

  1. Conception (instrumental)
  2. Creation
  3. Welcome to My World
  4. This Vicious Circle
  5. Come Out and Play
  6. Beyond the Astral Sky
  7. Taking It All
  8. Endless Sea
  9. A Passage of Time
  10. Perception (instrumental)
  11. You Cannot Burn the Fire
  12. Come My Way
  13. The Way
  14. Inception (instrumental)
  15. Reception

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