Norwegian Symphonic Metal Duo ASTRA to Release “Oathkeeper Part I” in April

Norwegian Symphonic Metal Duo ASTRA to Release "Oathkeeper Part I" in April

Following their single Hammerdown (March 20th)ASTRA delivers a fantasy universe and a symphonic metal saga through the upcoming debut album Oathkeeper Part 1

Sondre Ramstad Paulsen (24) and William Strengelsrud (23) form the exceptionally promising new metal duo ASTRA, the bastard child of bands like Trivium, Ensiferum and Dimmu Borgir. Primed to engage the eyes and ears of the metal world in 2020, ASTRA brings you along on an epic journey through a winter landscape steeped in a deep and dark lore from Sondre‘s mind. The eight year long odyssey to the conception of ASTRA‘s inaugural album proved to be a long and arduous road filled with obstacles and naysayers.

The experience of not being allowed in his friends teenage band, of which William was a member, saw Sondre turn to his computer to work on and refine his musical chops and style. Reconnecting at their mutual workspacelater on, Sondre would find the voice he needed in William to finish this straining and oft tedious project. Vowing to prove his doubters wrong, Sondre got down to work with William. Four intense years later, after finding the albums voice, the oath has been fulfilled, and the work has finally come to fruition.

Astra - Oathkeeper - Part 1

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