Interview with THE LOST POETS


What’s the story behind your band’s name?

David: We wanted a name that reflected our mentalities and the way we are. We’re Lost in the sense that we tend to find our path and direction in the almost total confusion that is our lives. Order through chaos, if you will. We see our music as Poetry. The lyrics and the songs are free and devoid of any thinking about how it’s “supposed to be”.

How did you guys form?

Petter: We both have a long history of playing in different bands. Ages ago we actually played together but that band dissolved and we went our different ways. Years later we stumbled upon each other when I played in a rock band that needed a singer. A common friend recommended one and suddenly David showed up! We had no idea that was going to happen and it was a great reunion. That was about three years ago and since then we’ve been pretty rigorous with what we set out to achieve. People came and went until we figured out that if we were to realize our goals, we didn’t need anyone else. The two of us could do everything ourselves. Even playing live. That’s when we formed The Lost Poets.

How would you describe your sound to a listener who had never heard you guys before? Forgive me if I’m wrong, but I hear a distinct 90s rock influence in your work.

David: No, we definitely have some influence from 90s rock. It’s not that we set out to sound like anything from that era, but it tends to seep through sometimes. We’re often compared to Soundgarden, AIC or Pearl Jam etc, so it could be worse…

Petter: Yeah, David is weird in the sense that he almost doesn’t listen to much music at all! I guess that the heavy riffs and melodies comes from something dormant in the back of his head. I, on the other hand, listen to a lot of different bands all the time, and that influences me from many directions. Maybe that’s one of the reasons we work so good together. We approach songs from totally different angles.

Your latest record Insubordia pt II has been really impressing me with its tight song writing and warm performance. What went into the making of this album?

Petter: Thank you. Yeah, a lot of sweat and tears went into realizing this vision of ours. After the Insubordia EP came out and was so well received, we set out to make a full-length album. We already had a handful of songs when we started recording and the rest of them came pretty quickly after that. This album differed in the way that we approached the writing. This time it wasn’t just David with an acoustic guitar getting some input from me. This time it was more of a joint venture. Sure, David still wrote stuff on his own, but together we’ve come up with a lot of stuff for Insubordia pt II. “In Filth” was written when we rehearsed and “Monomyth” came about when we were about to record “1000 MPH”. We just started goofing around with different instruments in the studio and it ended up with that we recorded it right there and then. For us, it’s all about feeling. We’re not masters of our instruments and maybe we never will be, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is that we’re good enough to do what we love and hopefully get our message across to people out there.

Insubordia pt II, true to its name, is a continuation of sorts from the first Insubordia record. What’s the correlation between these albums? Is there a larger message you would like to get across with this titled series of records?

Petter: That’s a great question that, oddly enough, we haven’t been asked before. It all revolves around the Insubordia universe where our TLP-characters are guardians of sorts. It’s all part of a greater story that would take up too much space in your magazine so let’s just say that, yes, the two records are connected. Even if the songs evolve, the overall feeling for us is that they’re sprung from the same place. Namely, Insubordia.

Insubordia 2

How much importance do you place on the lyrics in your music? Are there any songs here with particular significance to you?

David: As I’m the one who writes the lyrics I can say that I’m totally free in what I write. I never care about what is right or wrong, I just write whatever I feel like. Some of the things I write may sound incoherent, but it all makes sense to me. I can’t write what I think someone else might like so I just follow my own flow and, if you like it, nobody’s happier than I. One of my more straightforward songs, “As Long As I Am Conscious And Clear In My Mind”, bares a lot of significance to me. It’s a very fragile song about a dying man realizing that there’s more to life than he thought and he now regrets his choices. It’s a very personal song to me for many reasons that I won’t go in to here, but I implore everyone to listen carefully. I think it’s some of the best lyrics I’ve ever written.

What’s the live experience with the Lost Poets like?

Petter: We give it our all every time and we hope that the audience enjoys it as much as we do! Our motto is ‘Fuck it, let’s have fun!’. We don’t care if we miss a chord here or there, just as long as the feeling’s right and we enjoy ourselves on stage. Hopefully it’ll rub off on everyone else. In the end, that’s what’s important when we play live. We want the audience to have a good time. They’ve come out to see and hear us, so we’ll always give them our all.

Do you have any advice you might give to other musicians in your shoes?

Petter: Our best tip is don’t give up! If you really feel that you have what it takes and that you have a good product you’ll be fine. Just be prepared for that, in most cases, it takes a lot of time and a lot of effort. You need to have good songs, great timing, luck and people helping you out. You also need to work your ass off.


What’s the rock scene in Sweden like? Most of my experience of Swedish music has been had in metal, prog and jazz, but very seldom more compact forms of rock.

David: We have some pretty cool bands like The Hives, Opeth and Ghost, but all in all, the rock scene in Sweden is pretty limited at the moment. Especially in Stockholm.

Petter: Yeah, house “music” is the flavour here right now so we’re very fortunate to be even remotely successful internationally.

What lies in the future for the Lost Poets?

David: We have a lot on our table right now. We’re working on everything surrounding Insubordia Pt II and we’ve started putting together our upcoming short-film “Tales From Insubordia”. We’re also working on our children’s book aptly named “The Lost Poets”. On top of this, we’ve started writing songs for our third album.

Anything vital I may have missed?

We are to be featured in the new cult-film “Don’t Kill It!”. Directed by Mike Mendez and featuring Dolph Lundgren among others.

Last words for potential fans?

As usual we’d like to send our love to all the people who enjoy our music and thank them for supporting us and being a part of our journey.

All the best. Thanks for taking the time to respond to this.

All the best to you too! Thank you for showing interest in our music.

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