INFERNO SUNN: Honest Brutality

Inferno Sunn

Indianapolis based heavy metal trio Inferno Sunn has recently launched a debut EP ‘Fidelity’ with influences ranging from classic groups including Metallica, Rush, Pantera, Black Sabbath, and more. In an interview for Prog Sphere, Inferno Sunn talk about the EP, and more.

Define the mission of Inferno Sunn.

To create something unique, honest, and brutally heavy to give a breath of fresh air into the genre.

Tell me about the creative process that informed your new EP “Fidelity” and the themes it captures.

One of us would bring a few riffs to the table and we would jam them, and arrange them into a full song. As far as lyrics go, we always saved those for last. We would get together and try to come up with a theme for each song and once we had that, we would start working on the words themselves and how they fit in with the rest of the music.

Inferno Sunn - Fidelity

What is the message you are trying to give with “Fidelity”?

The overall theme that developed with this EP would be awareness. The EP starts off with Lost. In this song, the overall vibe is emptiness. Songs like Civil War and Propaganda War Machine tackle the more political side of our music. We use this to bring awareness to events happening in the world and in modern politics. Songs like Sick and Inferno Sunn put more light on mental health, addiction, and self awareness. Fidelity is almost like overcoming these issues and moving forward to something bigger. It definitely has a very triumphant vibe to it.

How did you document the music while it was being formulated?

We are lucky enough to have access to Protools and recording equipment to be able to quickly document what we are putting together.

Is the dynamic flow of the pieces carefully architected?

Its mostly chronologically put together as far as when the songs were written but ended up working out with our theme.

Describe the approach to recording the EP.

We actually recorded the whole thing in our basement. As far as how it was recorded, we kept it raw and honest in the sense that we did not use pitch correction, quantizing, or samples for anything. A big part of our sound is just being old school with how we play and record.

Inferno Sunn

How long “Fidelity” was in the making?

We officially started working towards putting together an EP about a year ago. Back then it was just me (Sam) and Adam throwing riffs around and trying to come up with something cool but a lot of ideas ended up being thrown out or the riffs were saved for something in the future. It was really hard back then because we didnt have a drummer to be able to jam things out with, but once Tommy joined around January, things started moving way faster.

Which bands or artists influenced your work on the release?

The biggest influences for sure are Metallica, Slayer, Mastodon, Tool, and Alice In Chains just for a few.

What is your view on technology in music?

Its a great tool to help make recording easier and more accessible, but it shouldnt be a crutch for poor musicianship. There are a lot of bands that rely too heavily on backing tracks, pitch correction, and quantizing and it ends up making all of that music sound the same.

Do you see your music as serving a purpose beyond music?

We are trying to open peoples eyes towards some of the problems in the world and government as well as prove that music can still be evolved.

What are your plans for the future?

Continue making music and playing for people as long as we can as well as try to push the boundaries of what we can do as musicians.

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