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German Progressive Metal quintet AeoS have launched a new EP entitled ‘Memories of a Dead Man‘ back in December. The three-track release, which includes a 20-minute epic simply titled “I,” is available from Bandcamp.

Prog Sphere talked with AoeS about the new release and their future.

Define the mission of AeoS.

AeoS is about experience, pushing the boundaries and becoming better every day. Not better than other people, but to be better than ourselves.

Through our music we’ve learned so much about ourselves and about this band. For eight years now, we’re travelling on this road together and it’s never been easy. But those expe- riences are what AeoS is about.

Memories of a Dead Man

Tell me about the creative process that informed your new EP Memories of a Dead Man and the themes it captures.

Justin [ed. Hombach, guitarist] has written the story of MOADM eight years ago after watching the movie “Memento”. The first song of the EP (Part 3) was the first song we’ve written and we had re- leased it with two other songs on a demo EP in 2010 (produced by Frederik Ehmke from Blind Guardian). But after this EP we had put the concept of “MOADM” aside and focused on writing a full length record. In 2014 we released our debut album Dead End Paradise. During that time we’ve been through some different vocalists. But in the studio session for Dead End Paradise we had realised that the vocalist of that time wouldn’t work out with this kind of music. At this time our first vocalist Jakob (who left because he had to focus more on his career as a musical artist) fortunately had more time and energy to join AeoS again. So after two shows we decided to bring him back and for us it was the only way to go, to finish the story that had started it all.

MOADM is about a man who has the perfect life: a house, a good job and a wife whos awaits theirs baby. But the shadow of his past is following him and one day he wakes up in the night, just to see how somebody killed his wife. For the police and the jury it looks like he killed his wife but only he knows the truth.

What is the message you are trying to give with Memories of a Dead Man?

On MOADM we want the listener to make the decision who killed his wife. Both storylines are possible but it’s in the hand of the listener. That’s why we’ve decided to tell the story backwards, starting with Part 3 and ending with Part 1.

We’re trying to push the boundaries and show a new way of experiencing music.

How did you document the music while it was being formulated?

Most of the time we work with GuitarPro. Only for lyrics we use everything that comes in handy for us, papers, MS Word and notes.


Is the dynamic flow of the pieces carefully architected?


Describe the approach to recording the EP.

We’ve recorded the EP in the Liquid Aether Audio Studios where we had also recorded our debut album. The audio engineer, producer and studio owner is a good friend of ours and knows excactly how we want our sound to be.

We first started with the drums, then guitar, bass and keyboards. In the end it’s just the vo- cals and some percussions and effects.

How long Memories of a Dead Man was in the making?

You could say eight years, but the overall writing and recording process lasted for two years. A line up change during a writing process always pushes a band back.

Which bands or artists influenced your work on the release?

Definitly the more classic Prog Metal bands like Dream Theater, Haken, Symphony X. Also more and more Djent influences. But there are (which is kind of typical for us) some influences from different kinds of music: musicals, ’90s Hip Hop or Post-Rock.

What are your plans for the future?

Sadly our vocalist Jakob will leave Germany for one year to move to China. He will live there in a monastery to become a kung fu master. During this time we won’t be able to play as many live shows as we want. So it’s hard to promote the EP but we don’t wont to take a break for a whole year. We’ve entered the studios again to record and film a live EP with songs from our debut album. Those songs and a brand new single will be released during 2017.

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