[Progotronics Special] EP Review: Scars Divide – Sons of Terminator

Scars Divide live

Swiss progressive metalcore duo Scars Divide, featuring singer, guitarist and bassist Greg Parchet and drummer Fabien Vodoz, recently returned with the release of a 10” EP Sons of Terminator. The record features two tracks: the title track which opens our recently released Progotronics 2 compilation, and “The Venom of Leviathan” on Side B.

The two-part “Sons of Terminator” (song) is a 10-minute slab that evolves around the churning, pounding riffs, guttural yelping by Parchet. It’s emotive, beautifully written, and is set against the string harmonics of whining guitars that create an unsettling, but mostly inspired feel to the song. It’s a “song” in the truest sense of the word, and is a very effective number. Whether it succeeds or not is up to the listener, but in my opinion, it’s a well-executed, dynamic and memorable song that is definitely one of the band’s standouts.

Sons of Terminator

Dissonance and melody on “The Venom of Leviathan” are well balanced. Crushing breakdowns are countered with choruses and spastic riffs are largely replaced by controlled mid-tempo grooves.

In conclusion Sons of Terminator EP is an amazing release. With the mixture of heavy and melodic present, Scars Divide show the overall technicality involved in all of their songs. The pounding drums by Vodoz give the band a heavy sound that lends itself great to moshing without sacrificing the overall sound of the song for a very repetitive breakdown sequence. Finally the amazing vocals courtesy of Parchet set this band apart and allow them to experiment with their sound as a whole, as they can seamlessly transition from clean and melodic to heavy and crunchy.


1. Sons Of Terminator (Part. I & II)
2. The Venom Of Leviathan


Greg Parchet – vocals, guitars, bass
Fabien Vodoz – drums




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