ProgSphere’s Progstravaganza Compilation of Awesomeness – Part 9

Although it was planned for quite a long time now that the ninth part of our Progstravaganza series of compilations is filled up with the music from MoonJune Records, I decided to go a level up and deliver a compilation which is divided into two volumes. The first one is dedicated to MoonJune Records, while the second volume comes with songs from various labels I found interesting to include.

The idea of doing a MoonJune themed compilation is not something new, but it took the final shape after I spoke with Leonardo Pavković, the mainman behind this New York label. MoonJune Records is one of my favorites, and it’s simple amazing that every Leonardo releases is a real masterpiece. And MoonJune doesn’t know for limits, musically and geographically, Leonardo and the MoonJune family explore the term progressive within its definition. From Italy to Indonesia, this fine record label delivers the greatest of modern progressive rock and jazz fusion.

On the other hand, the second volume of this compilation is comprised of several bands off the Prog Sphere Promotions roster wrapped up with few “outsiders“. The idea was to make a colourful tracklist and hopefully I managed to do it.

I have in plan to do something special for the next compilation, but until that happens, enjoy this 210+ minutes long slab! Thanks for being a part of this.


Vol. 1

01. Soft Machine Legacy – Has Riff II (taken from “Live Adventures”, 2010 MoonJune Records)
02. Machine Mass Trio – Ufo-Ra (taken from “As Real as Thinking”, 2011 MoonJune Records)
03. Slivovitz – Vascello (taken from “Bani Ahead”, 2011 MoonJune Records)
04. Moraine – Save the Yuppie Breeding Grounds (taken from “Metamorphic Rock”, MoonJune Records)
05. HUMI – Seki No Gohonmatsu (taken from “Dune”, 2008 MoonJune Records)
06. simak Dialog – Spur of the Moment (taken from “Patahan”, 2007 MoonJune Records)
07. Iron Kim Style – Mean Streets of Pyongyang (taken from “Iron Kim Style”, 2010 MoonJune Records)
08. The Wrong Object – Malign Siesta (taken from “Stories from the Shed”, 2008 MoonJune Records)
09. Mahogany Frog – Demon Jigging Spoon (taken from “DO5″, 2008 MoonJune Records)
10. Soft Machine – As If (taken from “Drop”, 2008 MoonJune Records)
11. Boris Savoldelli/Elliott Sharp – Khaotic Life (taken from “Protoplascmic”, 2008 MoonJune Records)
12. Copernicus – Matter is Energy (taken from “Cipher and Decipher”, 2011 MoonJune Records)
13. Beppe Crovella – Pig (taken from “What’s Rattlin’ on the Moon?”, 2009 MoonJune Records)
14. Geoff Leigh / Yumi Hara – At the Temple Gate (taken from “Upstream”, 2009 MoonJune Records)

Vol. 2

01. The Mantra ATSMM – Heads or Tails (taken from “Ghost Dance”, 2011 RareNoise Records)
02. Bruno Pitch – Solarium (taken from “Crystal Garden”, 2010 self-released)
03. Mad Monks – Friendly Faces (taken from “Mad Monks”, 2010 self-released)
04. ANTA – Apical Dominance (taken from “The Tree That Bears the Equine Fruit”, 2010 self-released)
05. In The Labyrinth – Escape from Canaan (taken from “One Trail to Heaven”, 2011 Trail Records)
06. Ole Lukkøye – Xapara (taken from “Petroglyphs”, 2010 Trail Records)
07. 19 A.D.D. – Slomosexual (taken from “Dead River”, 2009 Level Recordings)
08. KRTL – Soda (taken from “TripWave – A Retrospective Collection of Russian Psychedelic Progressive Music”, 2011 Trail Records)
09. Pyramidal – Dawn in Space (taken from “Dawn in Space”, 2011 Radix Records)
10. Hollow Branches – Okanagana Waves (taken from “Okanagana Waves”, 2012 Strix Records)
11. John Duva – In My Head (taken from “John Duva”, 2012 Record Heaven)
12. Villebråd – Ampersand (taken from “Ampersand”, 2012 Prog Sphere Records)
13. Sky Cries Mary – Cornerman (taken from “Taking the Stage – Live 1997-2005″, Trail Records)
14. Unified Past – Crushed (taken from “Observations”, 2011 Melodic Revolution Records)
15. Trigon – Dekadenz und Korruption (taken from “2011″, 2011 self-released)
16. Earthling Society – Lola Daydream (taken from “Stations of the Ghost”, 2011 self-released)
17. Low Sonic Drift – As the Crow Flies (taken from “Shadows of the Titan”, 2009 self-released)
18. The Future Kings of England – A Face of Crumpled Linen (taken from “Who is This Who is Coming?”, 2011 Backwater Records)

Nikola Savić is a prog enthusiast, blogger and author, in addition to being the founder of Prog Sphere, Progify, ProgLyrics and the ongoing Progstravaganza compilation series.

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