“Progotronics I” Compilation Available Now; Submissions for Second Part Open

"Progotronics I" Sampler Out Now; Submissions for "Progotronics II" Open

Progotronics is Prog Sphere‘s new compilation series, and the first part has been launched via Bandcamp. Stream/download the sampler here.

Progotronics I brings 15 stylistically diverse, but always progressive, songs from artists all around the world. Listeners will also have an opportunity to read interviews with bands, as well as the reviews of the releases on the Prog Sphere‘s website. The new compilation series is focused on bringing some of the greatest bands in the underground scene and showcasing them to wider audience through the number of features.

Prog Sphere is already working on compiling the next part of the series, which will be available in late March. Interested artists can get in touch at info @ prog-sphere . com (make sure to remove spaces).

Progotronics I Track Listing:

1. Signals of Bedlam – The Fix

2. Synaptik – Esc Ctrl

3. Althea – Revenge

4. Emperor of Mind – Some Funky Molecules

5. Burnt City – Ressurgence

6. Increate – The Crawling Chaos

7. Farwatch – Water Turns the Wheel

8. Cloudspeak – Storm Clouds

9. Konstant Singularity – Echo of Your Voice

10. Sons of Ra – Antifragile

11. Koronal – Usurper

12. Sun of Gaia – Peril

13. Aeonic Impulse – Existing Within the REM

14. Second Horizon – Panoptikon

15. Future Was Perfect – Traces Unknown

Download Progotronics I from Bandcamp here.

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  1. chefyego

    February 27, 2017 at 9:49 am

    Just bought on Bandcamp. I know its gonna be good

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