“Progotronics 2″ Out Now; “Progotronics 3″ Out on April 28

Progotronics 2 compilation

The wait is over! Progotronics 2 digital compilation compiled by Prog Sphere is out now, and can be downloaded or streamed from Bandcamp for free.

The new sampler includes 16 songs, one more than the Progotronics 1 compilation which was released back in February. The previous sampler was more focused on the Progressive Metal genre with a few exceptions. On Progotronics 2 Progressive Metal is present, but the new compilation is more diverse stylistically, with songs ranging from Psychedelic / Progressive Rock, Post-Rock, RPI to Jazz Fusion. We are sure that everyone will find something interesting, and discover something new and to your taste.

Below you can find the full track listing of the Progotronics 2 sampler, with links to the artists’ web and social pages, so make sure to click, check and follow them, because they do need any kind of support.

The next compilation, Progotronics 3, will be released on April 28th. Having said that, we are currently accepting your submissions for that chapter, so if you want to get in touch and submit your work send us an email. Download Progotronics 2 from here.

Progotronics 2 Track Listing:

1. Scars Divide – Sons of Terminator (Part I & II) [Facebook, Bandcamp]
2. Sleeping in Traffic – Listen Up! [Facebook, Bandcamp]
3. Septa – 11th: Omen [Facebook, Bandcamp]
4. Epic Mind – The Voyage [Facebook, Bandcamp]
5. Hyaena – The Only Constant [Facebook, Bandcamp]
6. Auracle – King Citrus [Bandcamp]
7. CGSW – Ritual [Bandcamp]
8. Nahima – Au Souffle Du Vent [Facebook, Bandcamp]
9. Andre LaFosse – Show Me The Longest Route Home [Bandcamp]
10. Daughters of Kilimanjaro – Kilimanjaro [Facebook, Bandcamp]
11. Teller Ulam – El Primer Paso [Facebook, Bandcamp]
12. Hoverflo – Plane Mane [Facebook, Bandcamp]
13. ENINE – Lost Seabird [Bandcamp]
14. zagwuan – Un Día Como Hoy [Facebook, Bandcamp]
15. Space Juice – Stole Me [Facebook, Bandcamp]
16. Kylver – The Feast of the Mountain Ghost [Facebook, Bandcamp]

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