Week 23: 7 Bands to Get You Through This Week


This Monday, June 2nd marks the beginning of the 23rd week of 2014. Here are 7 bands to get you through these 7 days.

Sirens – Spore

In a period where the majority of bands seem to limit themselves to one sound or genre, Sirens stands out as a group which is nearly impossible to label. The band, which consists of guitarists Jordan Caylor and Jordan Thralls, bassist Logan Pollaro, vocalist and mixing engineer Joey Fenoglio, and electronic composer and percussionist Zakk Huff, seamlessly weave between a unique blend of sounds. Rooted in progressive metal, drum and bass, and ambient soundscape, Sirens is heavy, agressive, syncopated, digital, self-reflective, atmospheric, and experimental. Between crushingly heavy dubstep, thunderous breakbeat, and intricate metal, Sirens will take their listeners on an unforgettable journey through a world of sound and expression, driven by rich, classical harmony, and jarring rhythms.

Spore EP is available as “name your price” download. Check it out.

The Schoenberg Automation – Vela

Assembled from the scrap-heap of several prolific Australian metal bands, The Schoenberg Automaton are a mouthful and an earful of mind-bending technical death metal.

With a sound that’s unmistakeable yet hard to pin down, TSA made a big impact on the Australian metal scene with a debut EP in 2011 that generated a lot of hype for the critically acclaimed release of Vela in 2013.

TSA have built a reputation as a ferocious and calculated live act, performing alongside several world-class notaries including Animals as Leaders, Between the Buried and Me, Born Of Osiris, Psycroptic, Veil of Maya, King Parrot, Ne Obliviscaris, Fleshgod Apocalypse and appearing at Australia’s iconic Soundwave festival as winners of Triple J Unearthed.

With the upcoming 2014 release of their highly anticipated sophomore album, TSA are ready to step it up a notch and compete on the world stage with a brand new set of savage and original compositions.

Gods of Eden – Gods of Eden

Gods of Eden are a band pushing the limits of creativity and technical ability. Starting out as the solo project of guitarist Danni Perez in 2010, the band has developed into a full five piece line up that combines a fanatic love of heavy metal with an alternative view of modern society’s dystopian ideals.

The band’s music, which can be best described as technical, progressive Metal, is rich, layered and full of nuance. This is accentuated and amplified by the addition of acoustic guitars, orchestras and electronic sound scapes to create something larger than can be attained through traditional means.

Each song varies from intense and overbearing to sweet and intoxicating, combined with lyrics that explore concepts and alternate theories of the truths that lie behind the veil of our modern existence.

Ovid’s Withering – Scryers of the Ibis

Ovid’s Withering is a musical unit that has been refined into their own identity through seasons of staying on their own two feet, and never settling for less than their best. With a firm DIY ethic that always has kept them at the most interpersonal level with their lively and interactive fanbase, they crafted a brand that keeps listeners involved in their universe even between musical releases. There’s always activity behind the curtains of the Ovid’s Withering camp, but the curtains are transparent enough for the faithful followers to never feel forgotten in the midst of the toiling songcraft.

With a tight, intense live show, and a focus on clever songwriting over easily-forgotten showboating, they have won over many an audience. Such audiences have included crowds belonging to Periphery, Fleshgod Apocalypse, SepticFlesh, Kataklysm, Enfold Darkness, The Absence, Behemoth,Dillinger Escape Plan, Aeon, Animals as Leaders, Abiotic, Obscura, Born of Osiris, Six Feet Under, Norma Jean, The Ocean,and The Black Dahlia Murder. With recently winning the Regional Finals of Sumerian’s Headbang For The Highway battle of the bands and opening the Orlando, FL of Summer Slaughter, plus increasing widespread interest and hype for their upcoming debut full-length “Scryers of the Ibis”, they can effortlessly prove themselves to be an engaging and entertaining musical force on both live and recorded platforms of delivery.

Christian Muenzner – Beyond the Wall of Sleep

Beyond the Wall of Sleep is the second solo album by Christian Muenzner (Obscura, Spawn Of Possession, Paradox, ex Necrophagist). The album was mixed, mastered and co-produced by Per Nilsson.

Maxi Curnow – STEM

STEM is an experimental non-repeating 20 minute piece of music that spans many genres and dynamics, written by Maxi Curnow. It draws upon his musical influences without compromise.

Widek – Outside the Universe

Widek is one-man band from Poland exploring progressive, technical, ambient, djent metal. Outside the Universe is Widek’s debut album and it features guest appearances from Sithu Aye, Tomas Raclavsky, Matthieu Romarin and Gru.

Nikola Savić is a prog enthusiast, blogger and author, in addition to being the founder of Prog Sphere, Progify, ProgLyrics and the ongoing Progstravaganza compilation series.


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