The Cosmic Dead – The Cosmic Dead

Holy crap! I don’t know much, actually I am lying, I am not aware of ANY band from Scotland at the moment and that’s a reason more I am enthusiastic about this Glasgow based psych/drone/kraut/space rock outfit. The album I introduce you here was released on Who Can You Trust? Records as a cassette tape release, but it’s also available for download through the band’s Bandcamp profile at a cost of measly 5.50 GBP. Yes, it’s measly price considering what you may get out of this very interesting band. And you get 80 minutes of prolific psych-led rock. I will be that pretentious to say that The Cosmic Dead is next big thing and it shouldn’t be surprising that these guys will very soon be a part of large community which embraces many other acts of same genre orientation. Let me add that the band played with legendary Damo Suzuki (check it here). I am telling you, you are gonna like this one. Enjoy!

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