Luxury Liner – Six Tracks

I have no idea if this quintet from Sweden named this recording Six Tracks intentionally or it’s totally unofficial, but at the end who cares. This is how a modern country music should sound. And these guys and the girl named Rebecka Cronsten are really good at what they do.

I have to mention that I got interested to this band after I saw them on my personal Facebook profile in a news feed. Mathias Danielsson of Makajodama, My Brother the Wind and The Usual Suspects lent his enormous big skills by playing pedal guitar on two tracks (obviously 4 and 6), and actually these two appear as the most favorite. Not only because I dig everything Mathias is involved in, but also because these two songs carry a spirit of legendary Gram Parsons. This is contemporary, but still enough this revokes the golden era of country music. Looking forward to hear more.

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