Ennis Tola – Seed aka “How a band amazed me…”

It’s not  like I am accustomed to put any additional descriptions in a title of a post as I rather love to keep the things simple and straight, but I couldn’t avoid to make an exception here. Let me introduce you an amazing group hailing from Melbourne, Australia. Amazing by all means. Now when you shook hands, let’s see what lies beyond.

Laid-back ambient style in their ever-progressing soundwaves reached through many rhythm-changes and startstops is what builds Seed. Wonderful sounds of Karen Heath‘s clarinet mixed with Tomas Fitzgerald‘s Jeff Buckley-like voice, in addition of precise, but spontaneous instrumentation place this installment out of time. Eastern flavored sound walls are on a thin line with folksy flirts and even some of post-rock and alternative legacy.

Check the player below and enjoy this amazing journey!

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