Bitter Resolve – Bows and Arrows Against the Lightning​.

I don’t really remember when it happened to have such a good band discoveries in continuity. But who cares for it actually, there is a new band coming from Chapel Hill, North Carolina and their name is Bitter Resolve. Now, the trio comprised of Lauren Fitzpatrick on drums, R. Corey Dial on vocals/guitar and Robert Walsh on vocals/bass loves to describe their rock with the term “free”.

I don’t know what free rock is, but whatever it is, Bitter Resolve’s grooving sounds really good. That grooving would be the same way if Roger Waters & David Gilmour would join forces with Tony Iommi & Co. So hear it. That’s why you have that Bandcamp player embedded below. The band’s Bandcamp profile offers album in two editions. One’s digital download for $6.99 and also you’ve got limited clear-vinyl edition for measly 12 bucks. So if you have 12 bucks, this would be my recommendation for all of you who doesn’t know how and where to spend it.

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