[Bandcamp Undercover] Scythian Fate – Matrimony in Madness

Scythian Fate

Beginning with incredible artwork I immediately knew I would be into the debut album of Australian death groovers Scythian Fate. “Matrimony in Madness” starts with an intense sense of wonder that only becomes more intriguing as you sink deeper into it.

The guitar work is intricate and brutal with everything you’d expect from a groove/death metal band, but it invokes an almost magical sense of fascination in the construction of the riffs. The drums, although programmed, keep right along with the tech footprint and provide added intensity to the riffs as well as complexity to the overall tracks. Vocals are brutal and devastating without being overbearing and sit just right in the mix. This album, from a mix standpoint is awesome.

Overall “Matrimony in Madness” is just incredible and definitely worth a listen. Buy it from Bandcamp.

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