Bandcamp Undercover: Deadfall – The First Harbinger


Originally a 6-piece band, Deadfall see their personnel reduced to 3 persons on their very first official record The First Harbinger. The band consists of Eddie Jim on guitars and drum programming, Sean Dusoe on bass and Chris Greene on vocals. From the very first notes, we understand that we are in presence of disciples of Meshuggah, with a blend of prudent go-stop drums, twisted guitars and harsh vocals. But far from being submerged permanently in troubled waters, the creativity of our 3  lads is often shifted by warm winds towards quieter seas. And this is a major difference when comparing to Meshuggah. Quite unexpectedly, and like Gregor Samsa, the main character of Franz Kafka‘s novel Metamorphosis, mellow and melodious sounds meld with the angry and tortured atmosphere. Fortunately, the lighter moments don’t fall in the trap of immature pathos, instead they gave us time to take a breath before continuing our journey through sinuous paths. With a vocalist who instills as many passion in clean vocals as in harsh ones, and two talented musicians, Deadfall‘s debut album makes for an enjoyable aural experience.

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