SYNAPTIK (Progressive Metal, UK)


SYNAPTIK is a British Progressive/Power/Thrash Metal band from the East Coast of England. Formed in 2012, known to incorporate elements from styles such as thrash, power, progressive.

Synaptik aren’t afraid to mix up the influences and certainly don’t fear melody with their heavier than a black hole riffage and dynamic vocals, death metal aggressiveness with a progressive, melodic outlook. They draw on influences old and new to create a mutant hybrid sound-scape that makes them stand out.

“SYNAPTIK combines the attack of melodic death metal with the deadly subtlety of progressive metal. The band comes with a remarkable pedigree and features members who count Download festival appearances and guest slots with the likes of Exodus, Skyclad and Iron Maiden amongst their achievements. Expect a dizzying double-barreled assault of intricate melody and sheer power.”
M.J. (Powerplay Magazine)

Synaptik are :

John Knight – Vocals

Ian Knight – Guitar

Kev Jackson – Bass

Pete Loades – Drums

Jack Murton – Lead Guitars

SYNAPTIK was formed from the melding of mad metal minds. Metal with a twisted edge, an edge believed to have been heated by the thermal production created during synaptic transmission between the sources. (or so Kev reckons anyway)

Featuring Ex members of – Twisted Autumn Darkness, D-Void, MassComa, Inner Sanctum, Fifth Season, the.thinkinG.principlE, Hero Kill Heroine, Then Kame Silence, Magnet,

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